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We think you'll enjoy the drive from wherever you are, to where we are. Yes, you really CAN get here from there! You'll be driving through some of Wisconsin's richest farmland and countryside, all wrapped up in wooded hills and pristine valleys. You may just be tempted to take your time.

When you arrive, you'll find an old fashioned meat case stocked full of choice cuts that will make you think hard about getting home the quickest way possible to get the grill fired up!

Chances are one of the Craig family will be there to wait on you or they'll be orchestrating a project in back while one of their knowledgeable helpers takes care of the front. Whomever gets to you first, you can be sure it'll be someone with a friendly smile and a whole lot of experience that'll help you decide what to get if you're not quite sure.

In addition to the fresh steaks, chops roasts, etc., you may just feel a little overwhelmed with all the choices you'll find in pre-packaged products, like Craig's own flavored beef sticks, world famous beef and pork jerky, ring bologna, weiners... and we're just getting started. Click a few links below to get a taste of what we're talking about - or just stop in and try out a sample or two.

- Bacon -
- Gyro Meat -
- Fresh Sausage -
- Meat Sticks -
- Jerky -
- Wisconsin Cheeses -
- Weiners -
- Bologna -
- Summer Sausage -
- Lunch Meat -
- Hamburger -
- Bratwurst -
- Chicken and Fish -
- Specialty Sausages -
- Beef Cuts -
- Pork Cuts -
- Smoked Pork Cuts -
- Smoked Bones -

Note: Most flavors listed on the above links are available year-round but some are seasonal or not always stocked. To be sure the flavor you want is available, please call ahead.

Maybe you won't want to take your time getting here after all...

Prices may change based on availability of product as well as current market prices. To ensure that we have the product you are looking for, please call us so that we can make an order if necessary. Thank you!

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