Wild Game Processing

We can process your: Deer, Bear, Elk, Feral Pigs, Moose, Turkey, Duck, Grouse, Fish, and More! Call for details. All processing and smoking is done in-house to ensure quality.

Venison Processing:$95.00

Turkey: Cleaned and Smoked:$45.00

Turkey Cleaned:$25.00

Turkey Smoked:$25.00

Fish Smoked:$2.50/lb.

Gary with his Turkey

Wild Game Sausage

Wieners $3.59/lb
Summer Sausage $3.09/lb
Lunch Meat $3.09/lb
Brats $2.99/lb
Brat Dogs $2.99/lb
Knockwurst $4.09/lb
Polish Sausage $3.09/lb
Jerky $3.99/lb
Sticks $3.69/lb
Bacon $3.59/lb
Bologna $3.09/lb
Metwurst $3.09/lb
Breakfast Links $2.99/lb
Beef Tallow $6.00/lb
Drieds $3.99/lb
Bulk Sausage $1.99/lb


Brat/Brat-Dog:Regular, No MSG, Italian,Beer, Cheddar Cheese, Jalapeno Cheese, Cranberry Maple, Mushroom Swiss, Hawaiian, Bacon Cheddar, Sauerkraut, The Works, Whiskey Peppercorn, Pizza, Feta Cheese & Spinach, Apple, Wild Rice & Blueberry, Habanero & Mango, Tomato Basil & Parmesan, Fajita

Sticks:Regular, Hot, Pepperoni, Fire in the Hole, Garlic, Italian, Cranberry Maple, Maple, Cheddar, Jalapeno, Pepper Cheese, Xtra Honey, Cranberry, Blueberry Honey, Cranberry Honey, Honey Mustard, Teriyaki, BBQ, Taco, Salsa, Pumpkin, Nacho, Bloody Mary, Cran-Horseradish, Horseradish, Apple Cinnamon

Bulk Sausage:Bulk Brat, Breakfast Sausage, Meatloaf, Italian

***For all flavors listed in black, there is an extra charge of 50¢/lb. Minimum order 10lbs.

Prices may change based on availability of product as well as current market prices. To ensure that we have the product you are looking for, please call us so that we can make an order if necessary. Thank you!

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