Craig's Meats Fundraising Program
Raise Funds For Your Group With Popular Meat & Cheese Choices

Keep More Funds For Your Efforts!

Craig's Meats believes that when a group or organization goes to the effort to sell, collect money and deliver fundraising items, they should be rewarded with a return worthy of all that effort. With Craig's Meats Fundraising Program, your organization can keep 20% of the sales you make - That's 20 cents on every dollar! Craig's will help you select appropriate combinations of products for boxed sales similar to our gift boxes, and will even help custom design flyers and order forms for your organization's fundraising campaign. Sell Craig's Meats popular high quality meat products with real Wisconsin Cheese from Lynn Dairy to friends, neighbors and family, collect the money, place your order and pay only 80% of the sale price, keeping the rest for your group's own use.

For your next fundraiser, sell something your buyers will really enjoy!

Prices may change based on availability of product as well as current market prices. To ensure that we have the product you are looking for, please call us so that we can make an order if necessary. Thank you!

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