About Craig's Meats

In 1980, Gary and Emily Craig went into full time meat processing with their teenage children Brian and Sherry. Over the years help was hired as needed. Brian and Sherry both have spouses and kids who also help when needed. Craig's Meats is still family run for the most part.

Our workers and all trained in safe food handling and the newest state food regulatons. We have 10 full time employees and, during deer season, we bring in more.

Our sausage is made from old German recipies handed down from a long life friend of Gary's. His friend was ill and wanted his sausage tradition to go on. Since then, we have put a modern twist into the old recipies, such as our haberno-mango flavored beef sticks.

Prices may change based on availability of product as well as current market prices. To ensure that we have the product you are looking for, please call us so that we can make an order if necessary. Thank you!

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